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Dogs that look like foxes

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“Dogs that look like foxes”

Some people often think dogs are similar to foxes. However, they are right to some extent. Dog resembles the most with wolfs, especially foxes. Yet, it is absurd to consider both the same. There is a complete differentiation between them. Dogs that look like foxes include such as; Shiba Inu, Akita, and many other breeds.

Besides, regarding this, many other questions also pop up in one head. For instance, are foxes related to dogs, etc. To get rid of this problem once and for all. In this article, we have discussed some of the most sensational topics.

Dogs that look like foxes

When you look for a dog especially that resembles most with fox, Mya breed always comes in. This dog is also known as fox-dog. Moreover, it’s the breed between the Pomeranian and a Husky. However, the story doesn’t end here. In the dog market, many breeds resemble most foxes. Not only that, foxes resemble the most with dogs when we consider the genetic factor.

Moreover, there are nine major breeds of fox dogs. These breeds include; Shibu, Akita, Japanese Spitz, Basenji, Korean Jindo, Alaskan Klee Kai, Mixes, Pembroke, and Icelandic sheepdog. Let’s see what each of the dogs offers. The Shibu inn is the most popular fox dog.

Furthermore, just like foxes, these dogs have a feline personality. Moving forward, Akita is mostly used as a watchdog, whereas this breed belongs to Japanese families.

The Japanese spitz matches the most with the fox. However, these canines are friendly, so you don’t need to worry. Spitz only needs proper grooming to manage them.

Furthermore, basenji also looks like a small wild fox. For instance, if you are looking for a loyal fox dog, the Korean Jindo is the best choice. Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers are also pretty popular. The bottom line is there is a wide variety of dogs that look like foxes.

Is a fox a dog?

No, the fox is not a canine. However, some breeds resemble a lot of dog species. These specific breeds are also known as fox dogs. Yet, to make sure you have no doubt left. We have mentioned some of the most riveting facts about foxes.

Although foxes are part of the Candice family that involves; wolves, jackals, and dogs. Foxes sleep and hunt alone; moreover, they have a solitary nature. However, while they are reared, foxes live in small family groups known as; leash of foxes or skulk of foxes.

Foxes also resemble a lot with cats. These animals mostly became active after the daylight, just like a cat. Moreover, foxes have vertically oriented pupils, which allows them to see even in the dim light.

Unlike dog’s the fox uses the earth magnetic field for hunting purposes. Almost, all the animals have a sense of the magnetic field. However, the fox is the only one that uses it as a guided missile. According to research, foxes see the earth’s magnetic field as a ring of shadow.

Foxes come in many sizes, yet the smallest ones are the fennec fox. That exactly to the size of small kittens. Furthermore, just like dog’s foxes are also immensely curious and playful. So, to some extent, foxes’ nature and genetics resemble dogs, but they are not the same. The best possibility is fox dogs which are available greatly in every world region.

Are foxes related to dogs?

Foxes are related to dogs when we see their history. Especially when we explore the Candice family that includes jackals, foxes, and dogs. However, to get the whole idea of their relationship with dogs, you must know certain facts and things.

Canidae is derived from the Latin word Canis (that means dog). In this Canidae family, there is three more sub-division of species. That includes; domestic dogs, wolves, and foxes. Moreover, all of these sub-families are present on all continents.

For instance, when we consider these breeds specifically, almost all of them have different orientations. They may differ in colors and sometimes have short and long limbs. Therefore, foxes are not related to dogs, but they are related to the Canidae family.

However, unlike dog’s foxes don’t live in packs. Nonetheless, when they are in the growth stages, foxes’ lives with their parents. This group living of foxes is also known as “leash of foxes’ or a “skulk of foxes.” When this species becomes adults, they live on their own and also hunt alone. On the other hand, dogs are family animals, and they love to live in packs. Thus, from these basic differentiations, we came to know foxes and dogs are not related.  

Can foxes breed with dogs?

This is quite a heated topic, to be honest. Many people often get confused when they hear this question. Moreover, the fact that both animals belong to the same family group makes this question more interesting. However, the bottom line is foxes or dogs cannot breed with each other. Here the only question left unchecked is “Why”?

First of all, both animals do not have a compatible number of chromosomes that are essential for breeding. Moreover, foxes and dogs also lack the genetic materials which are super necessary to born cubs. In the entire history, not a single case of such breed is noted. Besides, the abomination also happens in movies. Sadly!

Yet, there are still many misconceptions regarding this concept. However, all the data we delivered to you comes from genuine sources. There are fox dogs, but they are not produced by breeding. These dogs are only called due to their very close resemblance. Besides, there are no such things as a hybrid. (A concept of intermixing of two different species).             

Dog breeds that look like wolves?

Not only foxes but wolves also resemble dogs. Wolves are majestic creatures, considering that in mind, a person sometimes thinks a question. Is it possible to have a wolf dog? Yes, you can! Many dog breeds resemble the wolf. Moreover, the fun part is all of the breeds are human-friendly in nature.

Furthermore, speaking about characteristics, wolf dogs are pretty energic. Also, these dogs love to participate in long walks and exercises. Now, let’s discuss some top wolf breeds.

First on this list is the Siberian husky. Their striking looks have made these dogs the most recognizable canines. Also, these dogs have stunning eyes with a compact body frame. Furthermore, huskies are playful and, most importantly, care for their masters. The only drawback huskies have they can only survive in cold temperatures.

Another top dog breed is the German shepherd. Everyone loves these dogs as they are one of the most intelligent and loyal canines. However, make sure you keep them entertained throughout the day. Dog breeds such as; Swedish Vallhund, Samoyed, Alaskan Malamute also resemble wolves.

Closest dog to a wolf?

It is pretty difficult to tell which is the closest breed to wolves. However, the scientist has made some progress recently on this question. Nearly 1000 dogs of 85 different breeds are considered for analysis. Out of which, four of the dogs resemble the most with wolves.

This canine includes Shiba Inu, Chow chow, Akita, and the most popular Alaskan malamute. Moreover, in the survey, factors like wolf behavior are especially considered in mind.

Although, there are some species, such as Huskies, that resemble most. Yet, they match with the only appearance, not with the animal traits. Almost all dog breeds resemble the wolf to some extent, as they all belong to the same family group. Furthermore, if you have a wolfish dog, you will soon notice how is the dog’s behavior.

Dogs that look like their owners?

From the top and bottom, dogs are the combination of their parents. However, in the start, pups might not resemble much, but they will start looking like their owners after some time. Nonetheless, sometimes they develop characteristics that are quite interesting.

Speaking about genetics, a pup has 78 chromosomes in each of its body cells. Meanwhile, out of which 39 comes from each of their parents. On the other hand, DNA determines the appearance and temperament of your dog. You don’t always get the exact breed you are looking for.

Sometimes, the chances of resemblance might be higher or lower. Yet, with the right parents, to some extent, you can get the expected results.


The resemblance of dogs with other animals is quite interesting. Yet, they all belong to the same family tree, which makes them common in some traits. In this article, we have mentioned some of the most argued topics. Moreover, there are some dogs that look like foxes and wolves.

These dog breeds are human-friendly and one of the best choices for protection. In a nutshell, if we summarize the whole situation. Fox dogs and wolf dogs contain some of the characteristics of the Candice family. Yet, they are not actual wolves and jackals.

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