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25 most expensive cat breeds

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“25 most expensive cat breeds”

A good breed of cat can be highly expensive. People often think what’s the secret behind this hefty price tag. The bottom line is some breeds are immensely difficult to achieve. That’s one of the main reasons. Moreover, Ashera is considered the most expensive cat of 2021.

An LA-California-based company has developed these kittens and is sold for five to six figures. Like that, American shorthair, Siberian, Korat, Egyptian Mao, and many more are among the most expensive cats. Furthermore, in this topic, we have categorized these breeds more precisely.

Long Haired cat breeds

Long-haired cat breeds are the prettiest ones. Besides, if you are looking for a soft pat, this cat breed is the best choice. Moreover, all long-haired cats have long and aesthetic coats that feel like silk when you touch them. Although these cats are beautiful yet this breed requires daily maintenance.

In which the main purpose is to keep the coat tangle-free and mat-free. However, this can become quite problematic for busy families. Some peoples can catch allergic reactions from their fur that mostly includes dander allergies. Nonetheless, the main cause of this allergy is frequent shedding.

In the world, there is a total of nineteen breeds of long-haired cats. That includes;

  • American Bobtail cat breed
  • American curl cat breed
  • Birman cat breed
  • Himalayan cat breed
  • Japanese bobtail cat breed
  • LaPerm cat breed
  • Maine coon cat breed
  • Manx cat breed
  • Persian cat breed
  • Pixiebob cat breed
  • Norwegian cat breed
  • Munchkin cat breed
  • Ragamuffin cat breed
  • Ragdoll cat breed
  • Scottish fold cat breed
  • Selkirk Rex cat breed
  • Siberian cat breed
  • Turkish angora cat breed
  • Turkish van cat breed

In these breeds, some of the cats are highly expensive. Moreover, their prices vary from 100$-700$. Furthermore, some breeds can only survive in cold weather; therefore, consider the environmental factor first.

Fluffy cat breeds

In the world, there are many fluffy cat breeds. Yet, few are in the highest demand in the market. So, if you are not a cat person, it doesn’t matter much. Just by seeing these fluffy cats, you will want to give them hugs.


Ragdoll has blue eyes, with a soft and silky coat. Moreover, their loving nature makes them the world’s most popular cat breeds. The interesting fact is ragdolls are obtaining by breeding selective parents. This breed is firstly developed in 1960 by a Persian cat breeder. Along with that, ragdolls act likes pups. They greet the master at the front door and follow them from room to room.

Persian Cats

When you look at this breed, they are just sleepy fluffy balls. Persians come in all colors, meanwhile with the same long and floating coat. In the world, Persians are the fourth most popular cats. However, in the US, this breed is ranked number one.

Scottish Fold

Scottish folds are known for their folded forward and down ears. However, these cats are quite intelligent. This breed is available in short-haired and long-haired, yet all of them are soft. Besides, it is pretty easy to train these cats. Moreover, unlike other cats, this breed doesn’t require grooming daily.

 Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora is one of the oldest fluffy cat breeds. Although, it’s mostly seen in traditional white colors. Yet, for the past few years, Turkish Angora is available in multiple varieties of colors.

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Orange cat breeds

For instance, if you are looking for a real Garfield, this passage is especially for you. There are different breeds of orange cats available. You can select easily among the many breeds. Yet, it’s always best to pick from the top breeds.


This breed has an overall short coat, yet they have an elegant appearance when you look at them. Many experts say these cats are originated from Egyptian era.

American Bobtail

By their name, you can get a hint why they are called bobtail. These cats have a bobbed tail and have a long hair. Moreover, these cats are playful and full of energy.


Bengals look like mini leopards due to their skin resemblance. Moreover, this breed is a hybrid mixture of Asian and domestic cats. Although these kittens are beautiful yet they are highly expensive and eventually cost thousands of dollars.


These cats are becoming popular rapidly throughout the world. These cats have short legs and possess a cute furry look. Although these cats have a small physique, yet these cats love to play. Along with their friendly nature, munchkin has a reputation for stealing toys.

Grey Cat Breeds

Grey cat breeds are not rare. Yet, this color gives a mystique personality to the cat. The grey color varies in different cat breeds. At the same time, solid grey color is rarely noted in cat breeds.

American Shorthair

The American shorthair is one of the most ancient cats in the US. These cats are available after 1620. Meanwhile, these cats are quite bulky in size and have a thick, dense coat. 

Moreover, these cats are moody and are not the best pet for kids.

British Shorthair

Just like the American shorthair. This breed is exactly the replica of it with some minor differentiation. In the UK, the British shorthair is the most popular cat breed. Moreover, unlike the American shorthair, this breed is highly affectionate and loveable.


Korat is quite famous in the USA, yet they are mostly imported from Thailand. These cats have a short coat and come in blue-gray shaded with slivery tips.

Rare cat breeds

In the start, almost every people think all cats breed are the same. Yet, this doing of differentiation is not true. Some breeds are very common, but some breeds take the family tree to the next level. Rare cat breeds are known for their different behavior and uniqueness. Let’s see some of the most popular rare cat breeds;

American Wirehair

This cat has short hair and looks short-tempered. Yet, it is one of the friendliest breeds presents in the market. Moreover, these cats are rare due to their distinctive, unique coats. This breed is the result of a mutation that happened in 1966.


This cat breed looks like a mini version of a black panther. Bombay has a sleek coat with copper eyes. Moreover, this breed is produced by the mating of a stable-coated Burmese and black American shorthair.

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex is the most different cat breed. This cat breed is very energetic and playful. Moreover, although it’s a rare breed yet, it is available in many different colors. Besides, this cat has high cheekbones and large ears parched upon the head.

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Are Black and white cat breeds the most expensive cat breeds?

There are many color combinations of cat breeds. However, this infusion of color is known as bipolar meanwhile. The black and white cat is the most popular. Depending upon the concentration of color, this color pattern is called a tuxedo. Here’s the list of the black and white cat breeds.

  • Oriental
  • Cornish Rex
  • Ragamuffin
  • Devon Rex
  • Persian
  • Manx
  • The Turkish Angara
  • Munchkin

All of these cat breeds are human-friendly and affectionate. Moreover, some of the breeds also come in other color variants.

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The Most beautiful cat in the world

 Although every cat is beautiful. However, when we consider what’s the most superior and better one. Then only one name pops up in the head, i.e., the Persian cats. These cats are playful, affectional, and full of energy. Persian cat loves to make new friends.

Without any doubt, they are the most beautiful cat in the world. At the same time, there is no other breed that looks like them. Although these cats are beautiful yet they also require maintenance. Unlike the other breeds, Persian cats need grooming and maintenance daily. Especially to keep their coat clean and free from knots.

The cat that looks like a tiger

Not everyone can have a real tiger in their house. However, many cats look the same as the tiger. Besides, they are slightly smaller in size, making these breeds perfect for safe interaction. Bengal is the most resembling cat that looks like a tiger.

This breed is the cross between the wild leopard cat and domestic cat breeds. Furthermore, the breeding of this cat takes place in the United States of America.

Moreover, these cats exist in between the medium and large size with a lean body. When you look at the cat’s skin, it has circular patterns developed on them. That is mostly to be seen on the surface of leopards. Also, bangle cats have strips on their surface which give them more resemblance.

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When we consider writing the 25 most expensive cat breeds, there are many options available that come to mind. However, every cat contributes a specific rule in a specific zone, whether it’s a rarity or coat color. Every cat has different behavior.

Some are friendly, while some are half-tempered. It is essential to find the most suitable cat breed for your family. Therefore, read this article thoroughly to get the perfect understanding according to requirements. 

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