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Why do dogs eat cat poop?

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Sometimes dogs try to eat different things. Just like that, they also try to eat cat poop. Sounds gross, right! If you are facing this kind of issue, then you have landed on the right page. For dogs, cat poop is just another thing to eat. For us, cat poop smells gross, yet for dogs, it just another food treat. It’s due to the same resemblance with feed.

In this article, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions in detail. In the end, you will know everything regarding this “why do dogs eat cat poop?” topic.

Why do dogs eat cat poop?

This may sound disturbing, but dogs love to eat cat poop. Eventually, dogs love to eating food that possesses a strong smell. For instance, cat poop, just like that canine, also loves to eat cat feed. This eating of poop is in the natural dog behavior.

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Reasons behind this behavior

No matter how much we disgust it but dogs love eating all types of poop. However, this kind of behavior is normal. Dogs are mainly scavenging, and this trail is in their behavior.

Not just that, dogs love to eat all types of other stuff such as garbage, carpets, rocks, and many more. In this list, cat poop is just another cuisine for them.

This eating of poop habit is generally referred to as coprophagia. Also, this behaviour can be a result of a dietary deficiency. Nonetheless, in most cases, it’s just the product of exploration for some dogs that can become a bad habit after some time.

According to research by the “Merck Veterinary Manual”, it states that; “as part of this behavior, many canines are attracted to and may ingest feces, compost, and prey’.

In addition, the consumption of feces and urine of young pups also involved in the natural maternal behavior of dogs. The bottom line is this type of behavior is normal, and you don’t need to worry about that.

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How to stop dogs from eating cat poop?

After trying everything, if your dog cannot stay away from the cat litter box, then this passage is the right one for you. We have mentioned some of the factors that will solve this issue once and for all. Teach your dog some commands, especially the “leave it” one. By adopting this command, your dog will not invade your cat privacy.

Also, when you notice your dog is wandering around the cat privacy. Address your dog and say ‘leave it” in a gentle tone. If the dog follows the instructions, give them a treat. Otherwise, in case of disobeying, recall them again in a firm tone.

Sometimes lack of attention can also be a reason behind this behavior. Besides, if your dog has nothing to do, he will invade cat privacy. Therefore, please keep your dog busy by engaging them in different activities. Plus, consider using healthier options such as toys and games for entertainment.

You can also consider using a fence to keep your dog away. There are many fences available in different online stores. Find the most suitable fence according to your home requirements. In online platforms, there are multiple styles and variants.

To keep your dog away, also practice keeping the litter box clean. This will not give the dog chance to reach for it. However, you can also consider buying an auto self-cleaning machine for that purpose. In case you have an angry dog such as a Pitbull. Consider using stool detergents in these scenarios.

These types of products are specially manufactured for dogs that cannot stop eating litter box. Also, using stool detergents can make the cat stool look unattractive for dogs.

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How to stop dog from eating poop home remedies?

There are many reasons due to which dog eat cat poop. However, these reasons mostly include; separation anxiety, boredom, fear of punishment etc. To stop this offensive behaviour once and for all. Adopt the following basic steps;

  • Consider the dog walking exercise for your dogs. It an essential exercise, yet make sure you get your dog vaccinated before starting the walk routine. Taking to your dog outside will strengthen your bond with them as he sees a new world all around.
  • To limit the nipping behaviour of your dog. Participate in multiple games with him. For instance, consider playing tug of war. However, don’t be so tough on your dog. You can also consider using an automatic launching ball machine to save time.
  • Consider using a dog activity monitor. With the availability of a tracker, you will know what your dog’s up to all around the day. Also, you can keep track of how much the dog exercise or can exercise around the day.
  • If you have a treadmill in your house, then this is great. You can engage your dog to run or walk on the machine. However, don’t frustrate your dog as it can be harmful sometimes.
  • Take your puppy to dog parks and clubs. This will allow your dog to interact with other animals. Yet, make sure you follow the rules properly.
  • Also, play challenging food exercises with your dogs. For instance, you can buy the dog food puzzle mat.

How to get a kitten to poop?

Kittens who are under a month can’t poop by themselves. These kittens require the assistance of some kind as they are physically incapable to poop. For that process, young kitten requires stimulation from their mother’s tongue. The primary purpose of this is to defecate through the tongue.

In case you have adopted the kitten, or the mother is not available. The caregiver will stimulate the kitten before every meal. You can also easily do that. Use a tissue or wipe to stimulate the kitten’s anus. Consider making a circular motion.

However, make sure you keep doing before and while the kitten is pooping. This movement will signal the kitten to push and encourage them to have a bowel movement.

Besides, if your kitten is not popping, constipation can also be a reason behind the slow bowel movement. For instance, you can include the symptoms such as; dehydration, megacolon, congenital effect and many more.

Besides that, if constipation remains untreated, it can cause severe discomfort and suppressed diet in your kitten.

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Why is my cat pooping in the house all of a sudden?

Sometimes cat goes crazy and starts pooping in the house. This type of behavior can cause a burden to the caretakers. Therefore, we have mentioned the reasons and the solution to help you deal with this issue. There are a few reasons due to which the cat starts pooping. These disorders include;

  • Litter box avoidance
  • Stress
  • Illness/pain
  • Sometimes insecurities

In the houses, mostly the cat doesn’t poop due to the dirty litter. Suppose if you do not clean the litter box, it will create an aroma that will make your nose burn. Along with that, maybe the litter box is not in the right place. In some cases, the size and colour of the litter box also vary.

Moreover, due to the unavailability of proper care. Cats start pooping in the middle of houses. However, this kind of behavior is due to not giving them proper care.

Also, some cats mark their territory by popping in the house. To make sure the cat doesn’t poop outside the litter box, consider using a cat attractant.

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Can dogs get hemorrhoids?

In humans’ hemorrhoids is the swollen vessel in the lower rectum. That causes severe to mild pain depending upon the stage of the disease. However, in dogs, there is no such disease. The main reason behind that is that the dog’s gastrointestinal system is completely different from that of human beings.

The main reason behind that is we human walk on a vertical stance that applies more pressure on the rectum area. On the other hand, dogs run or walk on four feet. Due to that, dogs put less pressure on the blood vessels in the rectum or anus region.

Although dogs don’t get hemorrhoids yet, there are plenty of disorders that happen in canine. As a pet owner or caretaker, you must be aware of these issues, such as; anal tumours, a prolapsed rectum, or other anal gland problems.


Cats and dogs are sensitive animals. Therefore, it’s important to feed them with the proper care and other nutritional supplements. Along with that, these pets have different disorders that can cause mild to severe pain. That’s one of the reasons for their early deaths.

To make sure your pets remain healthy around the year, take them to the veterinarian every month. On this page, not only that we have answered this “Why do dogs eat cat poop?” question. We have also covered some of the sensational topics. The bottom line, treat your dog the way you treat yourself. With proper care and attention, your canine buddy will remain with you for the many upcoming years.

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